Financial Controller Consultancy

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Discover what significant differences a Financial Controller Consultant can make to your business

What is a Financial Controller Consultant?

Many small businesses cannot justify an in-house, full-time finance role. Nor do many want to. A Financial Controller Consultant is an experienced professional who performs the Financial Controller role on a part-time consultancy basis for a fraction of the full-time cost.

Business Owners need the assistance of an accounting professional more than ever! Using a Financial Controller Consultant is an investment in your business, not a cost.
The Financial Controller Consultant:

  • Your financial advisor,
  • A trusted source with qualifications,
  • Has extensive experience across a variety of businesses and industries
  • Keeps up to date with the latest technology

The FCC is results-driven and is held accountable to the achievement of profitability and growth targets for your business.

Don’t make the mistake like many business owners of “wearing too many hats”, usually finance, staffing and sales. Your business and/or your finances may suffer considerably.

Well thought-out financial decisions by a qualified, experienced FCC ensures your business is financially sound, avoids surprises and stays on track.

At Prestige SME Business Solutions, our FCC services are of the highest quality. We don’t just focus on the financial goals of business owners but their personal goals as well, ensuring all aspects are considered when aiming for financial freedom.

We can put together a fixed-fee pricing package to suit your requirements and budget.

Read the benefits your business can receive from our business below and see why so many businesses are adding this role to their team.

H3 - Benefits

Why employ a Financial Controller Consultant?

Does your business lack the necessary knowledge and experience in these areas?

Your business may have trouble maintaining accurate figures, taking too long to complete reports and submissions to the tax office and superannuation funds. This can result in hundreds of dollars in fees and penalties from the ATO.

Having significant growth is a nice problem to have. It comes with challenges including requiring additional resources, funding, obligations etc. Our financial modelling software ensures your revised budgets, cash flow, funding etc. guarantees your business meets its targets.

H6 - Sales Forecasting
H7 - Profit & Loss Analysis

H4 - Action

We Will Create Your 8 Point Action Plan

  • * Revenue
  • * Cost of Sales
  • * Gross Profit
  • * Operating Expenses
  • * Net Profit
  • * Receivables
  • * Payables
  • * Stock Management

Are Most of Your Answers “YES”?

  • Is your pricing correct?
  • Are you purchasing competitively enough?
  • How does your Gross Profit & Net Profit Ratio compare to Budget, vs Last Year and
    measure up against your industry?
  • Do you review expenses regularly?
  • Do you have a strong debtor collection system in place?
  • Do you have healthy relationships with your suppliers/ creditors?
  • Do you have minimum stock order levels and are you under or overstocked?

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Significant benefits to your business

  • Works alongside business owners as their trusted right hand person as a Financial Business Advisor, Analyst, Profit improver and second “set of eyes” monitoring every aspect of your business operation.
  • Adds value to your finance and accounting functions without having to be at your office every day
  • Evaluates your accounting systems & procedures including software automation.
  • Performs quality work on your critical financial data and reports and translates black and white numbers into meaningful English and quality reports.
  • Making profitable business decisions, taking into account risks, asset protection, potential profits, relevant factors and KPI’s.
  • Manages your budget to ensure your business capital is handled professionally and keeps documentation and forecasts up-to-date.
  • Assisting with your Debt Collection, Credit Rating, Exit Strategies and Financing Options.